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In the realm of large stripeys

Written by Mikhail Vasiliev – Perth Scuba Dive Master
This Sunday 27 July 2014 was quite sunny again, and during a well-timed break in-between the two rain events, after attending the traditional Perth Scuba pre-Club-Dive barbecue, six of the dedicated all-seasons dive crew headed towards BHP Jetty. The water conditions were fine, with only small waves [...]

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Robb Jetty on a mid-winter Sunday

Manta Club dive at Robbs Jetty on a mid-winter Sunday when plenty of waves were pumping but no predicted thunderstorms happened
Written by Mikhail Vasiliev – Perth Scuba Divemaster
 This Sunday 20 July 2014 was quite sunny again, and despite rather variable weather conditions during last week and some thunderstorms predicted for today, most of Perth coastline [...]

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Plenty of crabs and prawns at KGT

written by Dane Fielder – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master
We kitted up, took a photo then I gave a quick dive brief at our Manta Club Night Dive on Wednesday 16 July 2014. Our team of three hit the water which was a chilly fifteen degrees – perfect dry suit conditions! We spotted plenty of crabs, prawns, [...]

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Komodo Underwater Photography Workshop returns

Komodo workshop completed. What a fantastic group. Many thanks to the Mermaid II crew and Perth Scuba for organising this. Special thanks to all who joined me and we’ll meet again very soon for another adventure
from Shannon Conway – Underwater Photography Workshop Tour Leader

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Diving after the super moon

written by Mikhail Vasiliev – Perth Scuba PADI Assistant Instructor 
The long-awaited sunny break in the mid-winter rainy season has arrived, and the storms of last weeks have subsided, and this wonderful morning (July the 13th) nine of the most winter-hardened Perth Scuba Manta Club members met for our traditional barbeque breakfast at 8.30 am. Most [...]

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Hawaii less than five-go

written by Brett Cook – Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster
Weather Alerts, White caps in the ocean and buckets of rain did not stop us from diving today. These conditions were pointing us directly at The Coombe today.
High tide, 16 glorious degrees water temp and calm waters greeted our arrival. A quick superhero change into our diving [...]

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Magnificent Maligned Misunderstood

Magnificent. Maligned. Misunderstood.
You and I know that sharks are less likely to kill us than a bee.
Yet, despite the logic, the evidence and huge community outcry, the Government of Western Australia has applied to continue its shark cull for a further three years.
It’s wasteful, hysterical and too heavy a price for our oceans. Please speak out, because [...]

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Coral, Fire, and Ice: Explore Secret Underwater Worlds with David Doubilet

Explore a hidden universe through the eyes of one of the most prolific living photographers at National Geographic magazine – David Doubilet live on stage at the State Theatre Centre of WA.  David Doubilet is a legend for his groundbreaking work beneath the waves, and on 3rd August he’ll lead you on a visual journey from his [...]

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Calm Coombe with a hint of breeze

written by Dominic Ngu – Perth Scuba PADI Instructor
As the watch registered 19:00 on Wednesday 2 July 2014, waters at The Coombe were calm with the slightest hint of a calm breeze.  Nobody may have guessed that it was pouring down with rain and windy only just 2 – 3 hours prior to that.  Any [...]

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Bright and early bacon and eggs

written by Dane Fielder – Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster
We arrived at the shop bright and early for some bacon and eggs on Sunday 29 June 2014. After breaky we made our way to Jervoies Bay. After kitting up and taking a snap we entered the water, it was a nice 16 degrees. After dumping the [...]

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