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135 Divers breathing from one regulator

How cool is this?!? 135 divers simultaneously breathing on one MK25 first stage regulator.


SCUBAPRO made diving history on Sunday, June 23, 2013. Together with our Record Dive Team in Korea, we set the New World Record for the number of divers breathing simultaneously from one first stage regulator! The previous SCUBAPRO record was held in France 10 years ago with 100 divers breathing from one SCUBAPRO MK25. This successful New World Record is even more meaningful as it was achieved during the celebration of our 50th Anniversary.

The success of the dive reinforces the SCUBAPRO MK25 first stage regulator as the ultimate in reliability and the easiest breathing regulator available, even under extreme conditions. A standard, out-of-box SCUBAPRO MK25 first stage was used for the record dive.

The 135 participants included local Korean divers, a few overseas divers, three disabled divers and seven junior divers. Congratulations to all of the record dive participants who made history with this exciting event.

The record dive was only possible thanks to the tremendous support of our SCUBAPRO distributor in Korea, Marine Bank, along with representatives from the Korean Dive Industry and major Korean dive training agencies and event sponsors G-Scuba, Seaman and KDEC (Korea Diving Educational Council). Thank you also to all the photographers and videographers from the major dive magazines, and our official photographer, Woon-Yeol Baek and official time keeper, Jae-Hoon You from the law firm of Guhwa and Associates.

How did they do it?
135 SCUBAPRO R-series second stages were rigged up through an elaborate hose and manifold system and connected to the turret of a single SCUBAPRO MK25 first stage. The entire regulator system was fed by six 45L-storage cylinders and two twin 11L cylinders. Approximately 65,000 litres of air were available to supply the divers, for two attempts at the new record.

The first dive was organised in order to break the former SCUBAPRO record by an increase of 25 divers, for a new record of 125 divers breathing continuously from one MK25 first stage for a period of five minutes. The 125 diver record was easily achieved, so it was decided to attempt an additional record by adding ten more divers and second stage regulators to the supply network and attempting an even higher target of 135 divers breathing from one first stage.

On the second attempt they supplied the 135 divers with air for over 10 minutes from the one SCUBAPRO MK25 first stage. This is truly a fantastic result, proving once again that the MK25 first stage from SCUBAPRO is the most advanced air delivery system available in the world today.

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