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14 night divers explore The Coombe

Wednesday 9/12/15 our weekly Perth Scuba night dive was located at The Coombe in Mosman Park. In total there were 14 divers which is a great turn out although parking can be a little tricky!


We had originally scheduled the dive for the South Mole but the weather report was for strong south westerly winds so we had rearranged to dive in the river. It just shows how wrong the weather reports can be…. the wind was non-existent and from the surface it was looking perfect.

After gearing up and doing the briefing we all entered the water, I had two guys with me both new to the Perth Scuba club dives. After descending we headed to the 8m depth range and then moved towards the first wreck. Upon finding the wreck and numerous mooring lines we moved off to explore some of the deeper silty areas. We saw plenty of crabs and a few prawns, in the deeper water the current was fairly strong so we moved closer to the shallows. Where we found plenty of cool critters including but not limited to; Seahorses, Cobbler, Stripey, Gobbleguts, Boxfish, Leatherjackets, Nudibranchs and Seamoths.

We then made our way back to the first wreck and back down towards the 12m wreck, overall a great dive with nice warmer waters at around 22 degrees, visibility was a little poor but we did still manage to stay together in a group ok.

Everyone who came said they had a good dive and it was great to see some new faces, don’t forget on the 23rd of December we have the Perth Scuba Christmas night dive + BBQ this year at Point Walter Reserve, hope to see lots of you there.

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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