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Palau Siren Tour Day 1

Written by Joey Pool – Perth Scuba Tour Leader

It’s Perth Scuba’s first day of diving aboard the Palau Siren with 15 special guests to enjoy diving, sailing and snorkeling the Rock Islands of Palau for 10 days. Day 1 is the 4th May 2014 and we were delighted to see a Manta Ray on our check dive (and hear the screams of Chanel as it winged under her!), followed by a multitude of schooling fish, sharks and turtles. The water was a delightful 30 degrees with visibility at roughly 30 meters – giving me plenty of opportunity to see both of our dive groups and stretch out between buddy pairs.

We followed our three day dives with a night dive at Sandy Paradise. Wanting to check out the Rock Islands in a different light, Ian and I descended with our Nightsea Lights and Mask Filters. And WOW! The flourescent colours were bright, finding coral glowing in shades of green, orange, red and yellow. Plus, we even found a few predatory fish that glowed bright green whilst lying on the sand (you’ll see a brief glimpse in the below video).

After a full on dive day we jumped on the skiffs and headed back to the Siren for dinner, cooked by Siren’s Chef Andre. The food was good and in abundance as all can attest due to their shorts “shrinking” in the dryer at the end of the trip… The cocktails were wonderful, not that we had too many considering Day 2 was nearly upon us with plenty more diving ahead.

With a day of diving over it was time to head to our very comfortable rooms aboard the Palau Siren Live-Aboard. This was to be our homes for the next 10 days and I can’t speak for everyone…. But I was going to spread out and make a mess to make it feel like home. And now it’s time to put my head on the pillow for dreams of Day 2 Diving on board the Palau Siren!


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