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16 divers enjoy a summer’s dive at Point Peron

16 divers enjoy a summer’s dive at Point Peron

Sunday 12 January 2020

This Sundays’s club dive was held at Point Peron in Rockingham. After the BBQ breakfast 16 divers started driving down towards the divesite. There were a lot of people already there to enjoy the Sunday sun so there were some problems finding parking spots for everyone but we all made it in the end.

Manta Club dive at Point Peron
Half of our dive group

The sun was shining but the wind was starting to pick up so it was a bit choppy on the southern side and made a bit of a surge but we still had pretty good visibility, about 5-6 meters. As the dive site is so huge we split up into 3 groups that all went to different spots, one group went to the inner reef where most of the divers saw their first ever weedy sea dragon. On the other side of the dive site a sea lion swam right up to the divers for a quick morning greeting while the last group was busy crayfishing outside the sanctuary zone. 

After getting out of the water we filled in some logbooks before going our separate ways to enjoy the last weekend day. We had a great group this week that all made the dive a fun and awesome!

PADI Instructor Christopher Austria

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