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Perth Scuba | Dive Shop & Training Western Australia

Archive for December 2018

Point Walter club night dive

Point Walter Club Night Dive
Wednesday 12 December 2018

Point Walter provided the venue for this last Wednesday’s Club night dive, and six divers enjoyed the balmy 22C water temperatures and 5m visibility of this popular fishing and family BBQ location.
Hoping that a change from the usual river venues might bring us a treasure trove of untapped […]

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Ammo Jetty club night dive

Ammunition Jetty Manta Club night dive
Wednesday 5 December 2018
This Wednesday night I planned to go to Ammo jetty. With a turnout of four divers we kitted up and made our way down.
At the water we had a little bit of swell on entry but it wasn’t a problem. Once down the viz wasn’t too bad, about […]

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Swan Canoe Club night dive

Swan Canoe Club Night Dive
28 November 2018

One diver shunned an oil change on his Ducati, one pushed aside his kite surfer, another promised his family a yuletide seafood feast, and the fourth turned up at 5 past seven and took forever to get into his gear while we all stood around waiting!
The Perth Scuba dive […]

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