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Wednesday Night Dive MEET AT AMMO JETTY

Nov ’13
7:00 pm
See how the jetty changes under torch light...

See how the jetty changes under torch light…

Join the Perth Scuba Crew for a FREE Wednesday Night Dive at the AMMO JETTY led by our Perth Scuba Instructor¬†Luan Hagen! Never been on a night dive? Don’t worry Luan will be on hand to guide you.

The site is the Ammunition Jetty which is covered in gorgeous soft corals of all the colours of the rainbow. Last dive we found loads of different types of fish including lionfish, port jackson sharks, leather jackets and octopus hiding amongst the bottom in holes. Plus, check the jetty pylons closely for seahorses and blue ring octopus.

Need gear? Head into the shop to pick up your gear before 6pm.

Need a buddy? Don’t worry, we’ll find you one on the night.

Meet the crew in the car park at the end of Nyyerbup Circuit, Henderson at 7pm. Don’t forget your torch!!!

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