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Play unprotected waters

Thank you to all the Perth Scuba Crew for being part of the Big Blue Army last year. It was a big year for marine protection, but to prove its not all hard work we thought we’d kick off 2012 with a bit of serious fun.

Check out our online game, Unprotected Waters and try saving Sandy Seal. How long can you last?Play the survival game

Steer Sandy past plastic bags, trawler nets and stray oil drums into the safety of protected waters. Chase down fish and rebuild your health before darting back out into the dangers of life without a sanctuary.

And after a bit of fun, spread the word about the need to protect our unique marine life by passing the game on to a few friends. You’ll be giving them a welcome distraction from clearing the work inbox clog and helping to grow our Big Blue Army at the same time.

Late last year we convinced the Environment Minister Tony Burke that marine protection was a critical issue. Together we made huge waves. But its not over yet.

So have some fun, and good luck saving Sandy Seal.

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