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Last day to shoot the Underwater Festival 2012

Last day of shooting! – Registration closes TONIGHT. Underwater Festival 2012

If you are not registered AND paid for your initial shootout credits by the end of the 30th, you will not be able to submit images. However if you have fully registered and purchased entry credits by the end of this Sunday (30th) you will be able to buy additional entries all the way until the end of the submission date which is Sunday the 7th of October.

PLEASE read the shootout rules BEFORE starting to upload your images or video , most issues so far have been with uploading images that are not .jpg files or that have nor been resized to 200 pixels wide and 1000 pixels wide.

The shooutout entry conditions and rules are online and we have added a QUICK version where you can understand the procedure of participating in 30 seconds!

Most importantly – if you are signed up up or are still considering – set your cameras to 2019 NOW, so you don’t forget (date and time remains the same)

We have published the complete list of UF12 prizes . Check them out and choose your entry categories wisely!

Follow the UF12 Blog and the facebook page.

A quick version of what to do to participate if you haven’t seen this yet is on the UF12 website and below:

  • Register
  • Pay ($50 for 5 photos or 2 videos – more can be purchased later or immediately)
  • Check out your profile and your entry page in the MY FESTIVAL tab on the UF11 website.
  • Before you start shooting, set your camera to the year 2019 (this date was announced on 29 August 2012 – day of the month and time will remain the same).
  • Shoot your best from 1st to 30th of September 2012.
  • Photos: Upload 1000 pixel (longest side) and 200 pixel wide versions of your photo entries on your MY ENTRIES page between 1st of September and the 7th of October (this will allow uploads from areas with slow internet connection and still allow judging).
    Videos: Upload your films to Youtube or Vimeo in best possible quality and keep videos private. Then upload each embed code and a 200 pixel wide still image to your video entry page on your MY ENTRIES page between between 1st of September and the 7th of October.
  • Selected entries will receive an email to forward the full quality adjusted image and/or the original files to us by email or other means.
  • Judging will happen online by a massive panel of experienced judges between 8th and 22nd of October.
  • Top100 Images and Top20 videos will be on display online from 1st November 2012.
  • Awards will be announced as a yet to be determined date.
  • Prizes will be emailed / mailed to winners.

Have you already planned some diving for September? Where will you go and what can you capture?

Make some plans with your dive club, take your dive buddy somewhere new, or show us your local knowledge of your nearby dive sites. We want to see it all.

Like an ‘Underwater Earth Hour’ we want you to help us to show the world what we have to lose.

Have a look at the UF12 website where you can check out all the latest.

If you have participated in the 2011 Underwater Festival, your login and password will still work this year. If you forgot your password, there is a recovery tool on the login page

There are a few big changes for the Underwater Festival 2012

  • You have the whole month of September 2012 to shoot – you can still dive ‘wherever you like’ in Australasia
  • You can redeem your festival entry fees at participating operators – pay nothing to participate

If you have not registered, the first step is to register at:

Once registered you will be given instructions on how to pay for your preferred package

There are 2 initial packages:

  • Photographer registration (A$50) – 5 photo upload credits + 5 lucky draw entries
  • Videographer registration (A$50) – 2 video upload credits + 5 lucky draw entries

Additional entries can be purchased at any stage in the lead up and during the shootout period:

  • A$10 per additional photo – includes 1 lucky draw entry
  • A$25 per additional video – includes 2.5 lucky draw entries

Purchase your Underwater Festival Entries now !

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