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A dive to remember…

Sunday 31 March 2019

It was a work engagement that brought a whole new meaning to the term and as an Instructor of 21 years it was a unique and absolute privilege to be part of a day that will stay with a couple the rest of their lives.

Starting with a phone conversation the night before with Jose, the timing, hand signals, props and all important ring presentation were plotted and choreographed. Next morning, a few secret winks out of Luciana’s eye shot confirmed preparations. After a first warm up dive at Omeo wreck trail to hone rusty dive skills, a short trip and candid comments in the bus saw the moment fast approaching 30 mins into the Kwinana dive. 

Jose gave the signal. The ring (albeit a safe substitute thank goodness) was slipped into a readied shell decoy  in my pocket, then into Jose’s hand and onto the sea bed. The video was now rolling.   “Oh look what an interesting shell” Jose indicated. Luciana picks it up, the ring drops out on que into her palm..Jose scribbles on his arm mounted slate with Luciana’s eyes popping out of her mask. The rest was a scene to behold and suffice to say lots of regulator removal and replacement followed by a quick (though safe) ascent, breaking the surface to joy and celebrations that left Jose in no doubt he got a “yes”. And there’s a video to prove it. What a fantastic day and a my warmest congratulations to you both. 

Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor

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