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Instructor|Miyuki Taniguchi

Master Instructor

Hi, my name is Miyuki Taniguchi. You haven’t met me yet!?  This is no problem because rarely I showMiyuki Taniguchi Perth Scuba Master Instructor up at Perth Scuba. Normally I stay at the Office in the Perth CBD where many Japanese tourists and students join us for Diving Courses, but I am also a PADI Instructor.

I started diving…um? WOW! Nearly 17 years ago… (feels like a yesterday! Sorry…joking) Step by step and little by little, I’m a PADI Master Instructor now.

Diving changed my life a lot, yes I’m here in Perth. Now I’d like to do something for the Marine Environment so my favourite event is Beach and underwater Clean up, PADI Project AWARE.  And love to talk about fish, sea mammals, sea weeds and all something in the water. Let’s think together for our environment!!!

Diving Locations outside of Australia: Bali: Indonesia, Palau: Micronesia, Maldives, Saipan: Micronesia, Sipadan &  Mabul Island: Borneo, Cancun: Mexico…Ah! Outside of Australia, so Izu, Kushimoto, Echizen,,Oki Island, Okinawa & Miyako Island: Japan.

My Favourite Dive Sites in WA: Opera House and Crystal Palace at Rottnest Island. I’ve been to Crystal Palace a lot but Opera House only twice…I love to see the sunshine that is thrown from a hole.

Best Ever Dive: Cancun, in Mexico, It was fresh water diving in a cave. Diving through from one cenote to other cenote to just following a rope.  AMAZING!!! Swim through calcareous caves and what can see is only that shine light to. Everything is white! Fish has rudimentary eyes is white too.  Once getting other cenote, beautiful sunshine shows bottom of the pond and there are so many guppies are swimming on the surface water.

Worst Ever Dive: I had only once, it would be a deep dive in the Swan River. Only the day student could go diving before going back to Japan – the water was a dark orange/brown colour and we were holding hand together but I couldn’t see student hand, my hand either. I hold a guiding rope the other hand and swam slowly and sited the bottom put a torch for check the depth. Once I got to 20m depth…I quickly came back to the exit point.

Why I love diving: I love everything in the ocean. I love all creatures in the water.

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