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Instructor|Ian Ross

IDC Staff Instructor

Ian Ross in the pool

I started diving in 2006 after being asked if I was interested by a friend. I remember thinking why the hell not and, as most of my Open Water students have heard, it was my intentions to go on one or two dives, see what it was all about then move on. About a year later my wife learnt to dive and this prompted me to do a few more courses. I ‘Went Pro’ (well in a diving sense) in January 2008 gaining my Divemaster rating and became an Instructor in July 2008.

Now Lee has asked a few questions which he obviously wants answers to like; favourite dive site, best dive, worst dive and why you love diving, etc etc. I’m surprised he didn’t ask what my favourite dive shop is? Anyway here goes.

Why do I love diving ? It is the activity that brings me together with people I like. For me it is very much the social aspect. But from an instructing point of view it is always great when your student’s love the dive.

Best Dive : the next one.

Worse Dive : hasn’t happened, I mean I could bleat one about poor visibility or poor weather and sure there are times that with hindsight you would do things differently or not have bothered but I reckon even bad ones are invaluable lessons.

Favourite Dive Site : HMAS Swan, for the pure fact that it’s easy to get to and always works as a catalyst for a good weekend.

Favourite Moment : in a white water rafting day south of Cairns watching my Favourite Dive Shop proprietor (hint) going arse over out of the raft.

Un Favourite Moment : driving three people out of a shared bunk room in Albany due to my snoring….. hope it didn’t ruin your birthday Jodie.


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