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Joey Pool

Perth Scuba Joey Pool
PADI Assistant Instructor Joey Pool

Hi everyone. In case we haven’t yet met, I’m Joey. I’ve been around Perth Scuba since 2006 as both a customer and employee. I rocked up on Perth Scuba’s doorstep three months after they opened looking to do my Open Water course, with my brother in tow. I completed my course and moved through my Advanced, Rescue, Dive Master and I’m now an Assistant Instructor and Instructor in Underwater Photography.


Since taking up diving I’m almost never caught without a camera in hand. I’m constantly after the best photo opportunities and working hard to get some good ones to show. And now I’m moving into a bit more videography too – it’s always exciting to learn new things.

My role at Perth Scuba has evolved into looking after the Manta Club (the BEST dive club EVER), our website, and sharing diving with as many people as possible. Diving has given me the opportunity to travel (LOTS!) and with more coming up, I can’t wait! I love my job!!!

Diving Locations outside of Australia: Bali – Indonesia, Beqa Lagoon – Fiji, Sipadan &  Mabul Island – Borneo, Brunei, Galapagos Islands, Cenotes of Mexico, Truk Lagoon, Kosrae, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Komodo Islands and Palau, Sulawesi, Cenderwasih Bay, and Raja Ampat. Even though I’ve been lots of places, there always MORE I want to get to!!!

My Favourite Dive Sites in WA: There’s too many to name just one but I love returning to the Ningaloo Reef, Abrolhos Islands, Esperance and Albany. It doesn’t matter how many times I dive overseas, I enjoy diving back in my home state.

Best Ever Dive: I’d have to say that my best ever dive (or dives) were at Sipidan Island, Borneo. The water was 30 degrees, the visibility was 30 metres (on a BAD day) and the fish life was astonishing. I’d never seen a turtle underwater before until my first dive, where I swear I saw at least fifty. I saw a school of hundreds of Jack fish (Trevally) and swam amongst a school of Barracuda, much to my buddies terror! It was amazing and needless to say I’ve been back many times since.

Worst Ever Dive: My worst ever dive was at an infamous place called Blue Corner in Bali. This is where huge currents meet in between two islands. It’s a beautiful dive, but there’s only certain times of the year when it’s safe. My buddy and I dropped into the water and  began to descend. I was unable to equalise my ears and couldn’t drop to the reef where the currents were calmer. I had a choice of being swept out to sea or descend to the reef and possibly damage something. I chose the latter, my ears have healed and now I’m diving better than ever!!!

Why I Love Diving: It’s a chance to escape, relax and marvel at the fascinating critters that nature has produced.

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