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Instructor|Simon Farrow

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Simon is one of Perth Scuba’s dedicated Instructors and can be found on most weekends speaking funny to students (he’s from the UK but we’ll forgive him that), bringing students from non-diver to diver in only 3 days, having a good time and at the end of the day it is VERY rare you’ll see him without a Corona in hand.

Perth Scuba Truk Lagoon April 2013 by Joey Pool-2270

Diving outside Australia: United Kingdom, Cyprus, Gibralta , Spain , Truk Lagoon!

Favourite Dive Site in Western Australia: Swirl Reef Rottnest Island!

Best Dive Ever: The Zenbobia wreck, Cyprus. It’s a massive ferry that sank intact 20 years ago! Added bonus the tourists watch you in a submarine built by the same guys that built the Kursk submarine!!!!!!!!!     It will implode at some point… And won’t that be exciting to watch when you’re diving  j/k

Worst Dive Ever: Hmmm as long as you get wet its a good dive!

Favourite Piece of Dive Equipment: Is my cray loop and catch bag.

Best Thing I’ve Found While Diving: Well…. I will never tell u her name ;)

Why I love diving? What other sport can u still be a professional at 40, weigh 90 kg, and still be allowed to drink like a fish! Okay there’s golf , but lets face it it’s not sexy ;/

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