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Albany Dive Weekender

written by Lindsay Phillips – PADI Dive Master

What a Fantastic weekend of diving, 20 Perth Scuba Club divers travelled down to Albany to dive the Perth, Seal Island and Cheyness lll. The weather was great with visibility between 10-20 meters depending on the dive site. Instructor Mike Doswell was running two dive courses over the weekend, wreck and advanced open water. At the end of the 4 dives a day, he was hanging out for a few drinks and a big meal. There were also 8 fun divers, who had a great two days of diving while the others were doing their courses.

We stayed in two different self-contained guest houses, which had everything you needed with comfortable beds. Saturday night we had a BBQ at one of the houses which was big enough to accommodate 20 people; there was plenty of steak, chops, chicken, salad and bread rolls (and drinks) to be had. After washing up all the plates, knives and forks, there were a few who started playing a drinking card games (they were not all young ones playing) The next day the divers who were on the first  boat dive on Saturday, could have a sleep in as they were on the second boat dive on Sunday. This gave us plenty of time to have a sleep in, then get up and cook bacon & eggs for breakfast which was delicious, while the divers on the first dive boat had a continental breakfast.

All divers did two dives on the HMAS Perth, and one dive each at Seal island and on Cheynnes lll. There were a lot of fish and critters to be seen on the HMAS Perth, with some big 2 meter Samson fish swimming around . At seal island everyone had a great time diving with plenty of friendly seals swimming around, checking out the divers, check out the pictures of them over the next couple of days on Perth`s Scuba Facebook. Cheynnes lll which is an old steel whaling boat, was bigger than l expected, there was lots of coral on the hull and plenty of critters and fish . The visibility was around 15 meters and on Saturday there was a huge blue Groper swimming around which was cool.l took down the new Light& Motion Sola 1200 Photo light, which is a two in one light 1200 lumens in bright light , and 1200 lumens in red light. The red light worked great as it did not scare the fish away like the bright light does, it means you can get up close and take those great pictures. The last dive on Sunday finished at 4.30 so we all packed up and headed for Perth, what a great weekend everybody had, a special thanks to Diver locker Albany for all their professional help on the boat and at the shop.

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