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Albany Dive Weekender Review

written by Nat Correia, photos by Marc Van der Poel

Saturday's beautiful weather conditions in AlbanyIt is rather fortunate I’m relatively fond of tradition, but after seeing the Y generations take on “what goes on tour, stays on tour” turn to “what goes on tour, goes on Facebook – and you will be tagged” and not only would it be very inappropriate, but wouldn’t make for a good read. It all started with a Deep Diver Course, a TDI Advanced Nitrox/ Deco Procedures Course, 2 Instructors, 9 Students, a DMT (Dive Master Trainee) and “Pam”.

Friday night set the mood for the whole trip. We all made it down to Albany, hoping & praying that the rain we were driving through was heading up to Perth, and wouldn’t be hanging around for the weekend. After some phone calls, the rendezvous was decided, and we all made it down there for some team bonding, a few rounds of pool, one or two alcoholic beverages, mingling with the locals, and Drew’s special (and might I add inffective (much to our disgust) cocktail for Ben. We called it quits early in the night, and after some helpful advice and directions from the local Albany police, made it home.Nat & the Perth Scuba Crew

Saturday started off rather cool, but still sunny, and we headed out for our first dives on the HMAS Perth. It was a little choppy on the way out, but after a quick briefing jupmed in the water, for Dive 1. Water temperature was a refreshing 17 degrees, a lot warmer than the river at the moment, I was definitely glad to have my Probe neofleece rashy (the plug had to come in somewhere right..?). Dive 1 gave Drew and Alex some time to really explore how pressure affects objects, and how much gas you really can chew through trying to inflate objects at 30m, while Ben kept every one safe on his DM conducted program… there is even video footage… after our 1 hour surface interval saw most of us return to the water, and get to play with some pressure affected objects… Mainly a few different thicknesses of neoprene and an egg :) After returning to the jetty for a boat and baby swap, we headed back to our accommodation for some well needed rest and a few games of poker.

written by Drew: Perth Scuba student

Albany Dive Locker's skipper & dive masterWe were loaded up and preparing to leave the Perth Scuba, looking skywards, we were all anxious about the possible eventualities of the forth coming weekend. Although the weather wasn’t in our favour we ended up having a weekend to remember!

After a slow and careful drive through the weather we were soon comfortably chilling in front of a blazing fire. A short discussion and we were out sampling the local beer at the White Star Brewery. Before long, a little worse for wear and some great dancing moves from Ben, we were all waking up at the break of dawn. Although tired, we were all keen to get wet.

Despite rough surface conditions both our dives were blessed with great viz. With an abundance of marine life and plenty of holes ot penetrate into, everyone had a successful time exploring the wreck. Except for my buddy and I who chose to spend our time on the deck attaching inflatable toys to the cannon (Editors Note: Where’s the photos Drew!). Our surface interval was a interrupted by whales breaching the surface only 200m from the boat!Marc & the Perth Scuba Crew in Albany

During our Saturday night barbeque we were notified that the dive was cancelled for Sunday due to the forecast conditions. A local that Tom had become friendly with the night before informed us that the Potbelleez were playing in town later in the night. Once again we put our party hats on and headed out. A great show was put on by the Potbelleez, and an even better performance on the dance floor by Tom.

Despite Sunday’s dives being cancelled, and shenanigans with a new found friend named Pam who’s ego was somewhat inflated. We all had a great time and are looking forward to completing our training dives in Dunsborough in the coming week.



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