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Ammo Jetty Night Dive

Dec ’11
6:00 pm

written by Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson, Ammunition Jetty night diveWith the weather being a bit weird to say the least on Tuesday and the cancellation of our boat – we decided to head out to Ammo Jetty for a night dive the next day.

When we arrived there were ten thousand (slight exaggeration) school kids fishing off the jetty. Watching them with a close eye were 4 Pelicans on the jetty who seemed like they could have each eaten one of the kids rather than the bait that they were feeding them. The problem was – which one?Shane Willis Ammunition Jetty Perth Scuba night dive

We kitted up and headed down to the water, which was quite clear and relatively flat. Once under we made out way out towards the end of the jetty. There was as much activity under the water as there was over it. Other than the many herring zipping around the place, there were heaps of Octopuses (very small ones) and some pretty cool little critters. Joey was madly clicking away with strobes flashing all over the place and cruising around with her red Sola light making sure she didn’t scare any of the monsters she was photographing.

We came across a bunch of crab nets and the crabs were pretty happy with what had been dropped down for them. I found a fishing reel that was in pretty good condition and didn’t look to have been there long at all. The guy who pulled that crab net up will be in for a cool surprise. “Hey Dad! I caught a fishing reel in my crab net!” “Stop telling lies Son – where did you really get it from”? Ha his mates will never believe him. Same goes for the other dude who will be pulling up his crab net with a pair of brand new sunnies tucked into his bait bucket… They will all be thinking there’s a Sea Santa. It really is amazing what you find under a jetty. Every item you find – has a story. The 2 deck chairs that were sitting down there side by side ready to be sat in and as if the only thing that needed to be added were the cocktail and book.

Octopus at Ammunition Jetty Perth Scuba night dive by Johanna PoolDuring the dive – I thought to myself that if ever diving becomes a chore – I might open up a fishing tackle shop. There is more tackle, sinkers and lures at the bottom of the ocean under that jetty than I have seen anywhere else in Perth. You could quite easily fill a tackle box with all kinds of fancy lures, jigs, floats, burley cages – you name it – it’s there along with a few broken fishing rods… They must have caught a Pylon Fish to do that much damage!

We never made it to the end of the jetty really. There was way too much stuff to see on the way. We headed back – I am sure I was the only one who took a bearing and knew which way the shore was. –  As we got to shallower water we came across a couple of cute baby Port Jackson Sharks. One was about a foot long and the other about half that. The larger one had 2 fish flanking him on each side and he didn’t at all seem impressed. Agitated would be a good word really. Joey chased him around for a while – Poor little guy would have been thinking – “this isn’t my night – first I get these stupid little fish on each side of me going every where I go and then this big fish with a red eye that keeps on trying to X-ray me… What next”?Port Jackson shark at Ammunition Jetty Perth Scuba night dive

The star fish down the Ammo Jetty have discovered the world of kinky sex too. They were stacked on top of each other everywhere. Not just 2 at a time though – I found one stack of 6 starfish and most of them were in 3’s and 4’s.

A great dive in all – Joey got some good shots from what I’ve seen so far and the marine life didn’t disappoint. If you haven’t done the Ammo Jetty at night – its well worth a shot and the water temperature was 21 degrees. Next club dive is at Rottnest Island next Wednesday 14th of December. Make sure you book if you aren’t already on there. It’s a great night out!

Editor’s Note (Joey): If anyone in the crew has an idea what a small yellow spikey fish with green glowing eyes under red LED, please Contact Us – just curious :-)

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