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Ammo Jetty worth diving

Ammo Jetty worth diving

Sunday 13 September 2020

Manta Club dive at Ammunition Jetty
Welcome back Mikhail!

Last Sunday the 13th conditions looked a little better so we decided it was worth checking out Ammo jetty. With the sun out 9 keen divers were ready at the shop so we got them sorted with equipment then headed down.

To our surprise the carpark was empty so everyone managed to get a spot. I gave my brief then we headed down. At the waters edge the viz looked good but as we headed out the viz wasn’t anything special. Whilst searching the pillars we found a few cool looking nudibranchs and flatworms. About half way into the dive the viz started to clear up and on the way back a few octopuses came out to say hello.

Back at around 4m the viz really cleared up so we hung around waiting to find something cool and a couple of guys found a little port jackson shark. After 50mins we made the trek back to the cars and got a bit of a tan on the way.

written by Dane Fielder – PADI Instructor

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