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Ammunition Jetty night dive

Ammunition Jetty 

27 June 2018

Manta Club night dive

This Wednesday night the Perth Scuba team planned to dive the famous Ammo Jetty and with a slight break in the weather we had a good opportunity. After a brief and a photo we made our way down.

After a little swim out past the swell we made our descent. Not far out we spotted a little blue ringed octopus then as we kept going a big baler snail. The pillars were covered in the usual nudibranchs and lots of decorator crabs. Around half way up we bumped into a couple of squid then we found a pair of Port Jackson sharks.

After playing with them for a bit we made our way back in, finding lots of blowies hiding in the sand. One of the guys grabbed a fishing net dumped on the bottom.  With the viz nice in the shallows it made for a nice winter’s dive.

written by Instructor Dane Fielder

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