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An underwater surprise gift from a Dad to his daughter!

An underwater surprise gift from a Dad to his daughter!

Sunday 19 January 2020

On Sunday 19th January 2020, I had the pleasure of assisting a Dad on a journey to surprise his 16 year old Daughter.

Alyssa hugs her Dad Tony after he joins her scuba diving
Daughter Alyssa gets awesome surprise dive buddy – her Dad Tony

Alyssa learned to dive over a year ago and has progressed into a fine young Advanced diver.  Perth Scuba has seen her grow with confidence and ability as she regularly joins us for Sunday club dives, paired up with various dive buddies from the local dive community.

Alyssa’s wish is to have someone her age to be her regular buddy at these club dives and hopes that more young ones learn to dive so they can join her in the fun of blowing bubbles in the underwater world.

While Alyssa and her Mum, Vicki, were visiting relatives in New Zealand over the Christmas break, Alyssa’s father, Tony, embarked on his very own learn to dive journey with instructor Matt.  The shop staff had to keep it quiet around Perth Scuba that he was learning to dive – Alyssa wasn’t to know and from there a surprise was in the making!

Tony & Alyssa

Today, with perfect conditions – flat, calm water –  we met at Ammo Jetty.  Us in one car park and Tony hidden in the other.  Alyssa and I geared up and made our way to the left side of the Jetty.  Keeping his back to the beach Tony entered the water and swam up behind Alyssa with a sign saying “Surprise, I’m your new Dive Buddy”.  The look on her face was a look of confusion until they both stood up and she realised that this strange man with a sign was actually her father.  She was stunned and asked why? And how? And when? 

Unfortunately, the Jellies got the better of us today and we aborted the dive a few minutes in, however with a smile from ear to ear that didn’t matter to Alyssa. She was extremely happy at her surprise.  There will be plenty of opportunities to dive in the future and Perth Scuba looks forward to see this father/daughter combination at many more club dives.

Written by Alison Hosking – PADI Instructor

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