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Andy and the crew dive Ningaloo Reef

written by Andy Goddard – Perth Scuba Master Instructor

Hi to all,Perth Scuba Ningaloo Reef Western Australia

A few lines about the recent trip to Ningaloo Reef that I’ve just returned from leading.

Before I start I want to say a big thank you to all the staff of ……….you was tremendous and all the divers from Perth Scuba want to thank you very much.

The trip to Ningaloo Reef was an amazing few days of diving ……

Leaving Perth on CHILLY Sunday morning we arrived at Learmonth airport at 11.30am and walked into a balmy heat of 30 degrees! Oh yes summer was back!

We were met by the team from the yacht and then taken on a drive down to Coral Bay.

The yacht was great “Shore Thing “is a catamaran fitted out very comfortably with twin, double and single cabins.

We were made most welcome from the first minute we stepped on board and true to the crews words they made the yacht feel like our home over the next few days.

So we set sail late on the Sunday afternoon but being keen to sample the Reef and what it has to offer we dived about 5pm that evening…a shallow dive within the reef but still great by any standards!

Depth was about 10 metres but a wide range of fish life to look at. The water temperature was 22 degrees so certainly a big improvement on the Wreck Trail!! (15 Degrees).

It was then onto “Après Dive “or after dive drinks and dinner, had to say the food onboard was top notch and plenty of it!! Oh! That went for the drinking too!! I did part take in a few Coronas……just to be social ….So as the Sunday evening drew to a close we sailed off into the sunset looking forward to a great days diving with 4 dives planned for the Monday.

After a great breakfast we hit the water pretty early, well 9pm is early isn’t it? First dive on the outer Reef and the deepest …maximum depth for the dive as 26 meters , a wall dive and amazing….the first thing you noticed on the dive was the noise ! Yep Whales singing!! There were loads around, Humpbacks with calves .The dive was noticeable for the turtles and the massive schools of fish that just lined the wall all the way along, a great start to our long day of diving.

We were now a few miles from shore and the conditions were perfect…no wind, no swell, glass like conditions absolutely perfect.Turtle on Ningaloo Reef Western Australia

The next dive of the day was again a deepish dive , 18 meters maximum and visibility an average 20 meters ! Diving on Ningaloo Reef covers everything …for the avid photographer heaps of macro stuff and for the diver with bigger expectations turtles and sharks. We encountered a few reef sharks out there and a few wobby’s but on this trip no Tigers, but it must be said they do like the area.

After the dive we were treated to a great lunch!! What could have been better sitting on the back of a yacht in the middle of Ningaloo Reef, eating a great lunch chatting about diving and what is still to come in the day? Dive heaven …I think they call it?

Last dive of the day was a shallow dive; the dive was a preparation dive for the night dive in the same location that was to come that night. The dive site was 9 metres deep, made up of lots of bombies where there was an abundance of schooling fish and of course in the background was the feint singing of the whales.

And so on to Tuesday, again after a great breakfast we planned 4 dives for the day….the last being our night dive. We once again was able to head to the outer reef as dive conditions were perfect, no swell, no wind and glass like condition, we were so lucky !

Again all the dives of the dive were amazing in their individuality, on etching you will soon become aware of if you do venture to Ningaloo Reef is the amazing variety of sites. The place has something for everyone…Hard Corals, Soft Corals, Turtles, Nudibranchs, Schooling Fish, Sharks and more.

So what could the night dive offer!! Well more of the same please!! But as ever we were treated to other surprises, Moray Eels, Crayfish and all types out on the hunt!! Which is why night diving is so popular you just don’t know what you are going to be surprised with?

I have to mention the social side of the trip …our hosts Luke, Vicki and Brione waited on us hand and foot and is the usual seafaring tradition the last night night turned out to be a big night!!The guys tried to poison me with Red Wine…..and succeeded!! .

The morning after was very hazy …not just for me but for everyone!! But after being treated to a full English breakfast felt a lot better with a lined stomach once more.

It was with great sadness that we all said goodbye to our home of 3 days…and absolutely amazing 3 days of diving, eating and drinking!!

If any of you guys are interested in doing this trip next year , I’ll be more than happy to dive Ningaloo again , probably one of the best few days diving I had in all my years of experience… get in early for next year!!

See you all soon


Big Thank you to all

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