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Happy Australia Day from the Perth Scuba Crew!

written by Sarah Toohey – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

Happy Australia Day!

So great to start out the day with lamb cutlets on the BBQ!! Oh, and there was the obligatory bacon and egg rolls with superbly sliced and diced onions-by-Mark.

Point Peron was our diving destination this lovely Sunday and besides the gossip of dolphins and seals hanging around divers, I think we were just glad it wasn’t another sand dune we had to walk over.

Lots of food in the water at the moment so large, streaming schools of fish buzzed around us as we made our way across the seagrass beds. Not as much of a creature feature like our previous dives but the pillars of seaweed in the outer reef being rocked around in the surge was still pretty amazing. Once again, we have great people rocking up to our dive and can’t wait to jump in for another dive with you all next week!

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive Point Peron 26Jan2014

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