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Awesome visibility at Robb Jetty night dive

The club dive on Wednesday 8/4/15 was to be at Robb Jetty. The conditions were looking good with virtually no wind and low swell, following the dive brief the six of us headed to the water. Just getting to the water was a good workout and it took a little while to cross the dune and then walk down the beach to the entry point.

Once in the water we did a surface swim out to the descent point. The visibility was awesome, far better than expected and made finding the submerged pylons easy.


On the dive saw we lots of fish sleeping, in almost every hole and gap there were wrasse of various kinds and leatherjackets. Further into the dive we saw juvenile Stingrays, juvenile Samson fish, lots and lots of octopus, Squid, Red-Lipped and Crested Morwong, Gobbleguts, Cobbler and Flathead.

Halfway through the dive with Bailey hot on my fin tips I felt a nudge on my fins and I turned round to find him flashing his torch at me and without his mask on. I quickly located his mask which was behind him and helped him refit it. He rapidly cleared it and without any issue continued the dive. Much to Baileys credit I have never seen anyone so calmly deal with that kind of situation. Most people would want to bolt for the surface. After all it was his first night dive and he had only recently completed his open water…… so job well done.!!!
We headed back to where we started the dive and saw a group of around ten squid which was really cool and just prior to our ascent we saw a lone seahorse just to finish the dive off.

Everyone agreed it was a fantastic dive with awesome visibility. We haven’t done a night dive in the river for a while so next week will be at Bicton Baths, see you all then and don’t forget your prawn nets :-)

Cheers Aaron Goodhew – Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster

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