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Bacon and eggs pave the way for a cave & ledge filled dive

Bacon and eggs pave the way for a cave & ledge filled dive

Sunday 25 August 2019

Perth Scuba Manta Club dive
Sunday club divers at Point Peron Rockingham

This week we took the club dive down to Point Peron in Rockingham on the hunt for some weedy sea dragons. After some bacon and eggs we made our way down to the main car park.

At the site the water looked okay, but a bit of swell out the back on top of the reef. Once I gave a dive brief we made the trek over the dune then into the water. After a short surface swim we dropped down and started the hunt for weedys. With no luck we decided to move on out to the caves to look for some crays.

After popping our heads in a few caves we managed to find one lonely cray, but then as we swam out of the cave we ended up completely surrounded by a massive school of buff bream. They managed to circle us a couple of times then moved on to the next patch of reef. After around 30min we navigated back, checking a few more caves and ledges on the way in.

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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