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Balmy summer evening dive at Glyde Street

Last nights dive 27/1/15 was at Glyde Street Mosman Park, for those that don’t know this is a river dive. Its a great sheltered spot for those summer evenings when the sea breeze has picked up.

The group was relatively small with 7 divers including myself. It was a warm evening so we waited until the last minute to put our wetsuits on. Once geared up I did the briefing and then we made our way down to the water, which by the time we walked down the hill from the car park was looking very inviting.


Our plan was at the beginning of the dive to find the wreck then move onto the tyre reef followed by a trip around the shallows spot a few critters. The wreck was relatively easy to find as it is directly East of the entry area and laying on the river bed at a depth of around 12-13m. On the wreck we saw several seahorses and some really cool crabs, followed by cobbler, gobbleguts, flathead and a good size scorpion fish. From here we moved to the tyre wall where we found some really good coral growth. Moving along the bank we stopped at several of the moorings where we found a lot of good sized blue swimmer crabs and a few prawns here and there. In the shallows on the way back towards the entry area we found lots of cool things to look at, we came across heaps of seahorses and a really cool juvenile scorpion fish, the smallest I have seen at on a couple of cm’s long. Then we found a huge nudibranch or sea slug bigger than the size of my hand. I’m not that sure what it was as it looked like a giant nudi but had a small shell on its back, it was white/pale pink with a green line around its outer edge……very unusual!

All in all a great dive with a some new interesting stuff to see. The water was around 26 degrees and the air temp even warmer so it was a lovely summer night dive. Trevor even managed to catch another tagged blue swimmer crab which attracts a 1 dollar scratchy as a reward from the fisheries department!

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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