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Beautiful autumn day for a club dive

Another beautiful autumn day greeted us on Sunday 8 March 2015 for the Perth Scuba club dive.


After a cooked breaky of snags and rolls and a dive briefing we headed off to the dive site of the day which was Jervoise Bay.

Once everyone finally arrived at the site we geared up and headed to the jetty to practice our giant stride entry’s into the water.

The water was nice an warm however a little choppy which resulted in reduced vis of only a couple of meters.

We did however get to see Octopus, Stripeys, Starfish, large schools of Herring and Gobbleguts, Magpie Morwong’s, Grubfish and we even found a fairly

large decorator crab clinging onto a rock.

Even though the conditions were not 100% it was still good to get out to a new location for most divers and as they always say a bad diving is still better than a good day at work, even though this wasn’t a bad day diving at all.


Join us next week for another club dive to another great location and of course the cooked breaky to go with it.

See you all then


Adam- Perth Scuba Dive Master

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