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Beautiful dive on Bunbury’s Lena wreck

The threat of yet more hot weather drove 11 people down to sunny Bunbury for a couple of dives. A quick load up of our gear and out through the heads of Koombana Bay into the larger Geographe Bay.


The Lena wreck, Bunbury

Great to Catch up with Kim Royce from Octopus Garden Tours who gave a safety briefing for our vessel – Cross Country, then my dive brief for the Lena Wreck.

Accompanied by a good range of divers from Open Water to Instructor we set up our gear and put our party clothes on ready for action on the wreck. Weather conditions were perfect near glassy seas were waiting as we anchored just off the wreck. Good Call Kim!!!

Leaving Kim to guard the boat – listening to the Big “O”, the water was clear, cool and welcoming as we all entered, heading for the dive flag to commence our descent. This wreck never fails to deliver. The first couple of meters down we were enveloped in small baitfish flickering in the sunlight and as we looked below, the Lena gained sized as we descended. A quick circle on the way down to the sea floor at a lazy 17m gave us a great spectacle. A few had not been on the Lena before – after the first dive with eyes like saucepans – they’ll be back!


Perth Scuba all smiles in Bunbury, Western Australia

We saw a number a large number of fish species and we even were able to add to Kim’s list with a Hermit crab at the bow, where we were also greeted by the numerous smiling blowfish on the Lena’s anchor chain. Blennys abound on the upper decks with leather jackets, Western Blue Devils and the resident Bulls Eyes. Penetrating the hull on the lower deck was easy with no surge through the large cut out sections which brought us through the hold and past the open engine block. Loads of corals – soft and hard softened the steel structure and provided a huge amount of colour. Nudibranchs were also found if you looked close enough.

The second dive allowed us to continue our exploration of the wreck on the middle and upper sections. At least 10 large batfish were like guardians slowly circling the wreck, as we ascended through the baitfish again. Once back on the surface the waters erupted with life as patrolling tuna started chasing and leaping out of the water providing an aerobatic display. Off to the leather jacket reef to really get the most out of our tanks – the great wetsuit hunters started our campaign of dominance over those red crayfish – yes there were a few around, but only a few. Hanging our heads in shame but with laughter at our looping prowess, or lack of, the group caught just the one crayfish – congrats to Joo and Harriot, the victors. The rest of us sadly were….losers and came up empty handed.


Globe fish, Lena wreck Bunbury

This is the perfect time of the year to experience this easy to dive wreck and soak up the cool inviting waters 20mins out of Bunbury. We have a dive scheduled for the 9th January and also the 30thJanuary. Please contact Perth Scuba and make your reservation.

Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master Brett Cook




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