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Beautiful warm autumn evening at Ammo

A group of 11 divers including my self gathered at the Ammo Jetty for a Perth Scuba night dive onWednesday 11/3/15. The weather and conditions were looking awesome it was a beautifully warm early autumn evening and the swell and wind were both definitely in our favour.


Once we had all geared up we gathered on the grass area for the briefing. Almost half the group were female which was good for international women’s day!!!!!! Joey Pool even made an appearance:-)

We all headed into the water together unfortunately Lee Johnson was left on the shoreline nursing a cold, but it wasn’t all bad (for us at least) as he had the camera and everyone’s car keys!

There was six of us in my group four of which were new to diving, so I knew it would be interesting keeping us all together, however I dived the Ammo Jetty the night before and I  knew the visibility was good which would go a long way to helping us all stay together.

We were immediately greeted with a couple of juvenile Port Jackson Sharks and the usual Toadfish in the shallows.


We headed out down the south side of the jetty where we saw plenty of seahorses and octopus. We then spread out a little around the end section where sadly there was lots of evidence of the fishermen above. We saw several large toadfish (all dead), Parts of stingrays and a sharks head, along with all their usual rubbish……chairs, tins, bottles, line etc. Amongst the bad stuff there was plenty of good though, we saw allsorts of Nudibranchs, Cowfish, Boxfish, Leatherjackets, Cobbler, Crested Morwong, Western Talma, Stripey, Scorpion Rock Cod and many more.
We then made a large zig-zag pattern across the full length and width of the jetty, inspecting every nook and cranny. In only around 4m of water and almost back at the shore we all gathered, hovering just above the bottom and watched five juvenile Port Jackson Sharks all cruising around together just checking each one of us out, which was really cool.
After the dive we all got together for a chat and its clear we all had and equally good dive. For Ash and Steph it was a unique experience having both tried fluoro diving for the first time, which I highly recommend.

Its really good to see that the fisheries have now fixed a banner up at the entrance to the beach saying ‘All Protected Stingrays Should Be Returned To The Water Without Harm And As Soon As Possible’. This message is obviously not reaching everyone but its a step in the right direction for at an overall awareness. I Don’t know how many are keen???? but I do think the ammo jetty is getting ready for a below water clean, this is maybe something we could look at doing in the coming weeks?

See you all next week, I am looking forward it as its a dive at the Palm Beach Jetty.


written by Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster Aaron Goodhew

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