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BHP Jetty filled with life including eel, nudibranch and salmon

Sunday 25 June 2017

Manta Club dive at BHP Jetty Naval Base

Another Sunday morning and the weather was looking great besides the morning chill,  there was no wind in sight. With only five divers we decided to check out BHP Jetty Naval Base. It’s about the only site we hadn’t dived this year.

At the site conditions looked great as usual, with only a few fisherman on the jetty we pretty much had it to ourselves. As soon as we dropped down we bumped into a nice sized eel in a pipe, then nudibranch after nudibranch. Then cuttlefish, a shovelnose ray and then at about half way a school of around 100 salmon came out of nowhere. They swam around us for a bit then away they went. We continued to the end of the jetty but it was a bit quiet compared to the rest of the site so we turned around and made our way back.

On our way back it was much the same, nudibranch after nudibranch but also a couple of nice looking seahorses, some black and some pink. We managed to make it back to the entry point spot on 50mins, with plenty of air to spare.

With only a short walk to the beach this is one of the best shore dives in Perth!

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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