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BHP Jetty night dive

BHP Jetty night dive

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Last Wednesday night with nice conditions we took the club dive to the old BHP jetty at Naval Base. With 7 of use keen for a splash I gave my brief then we trekked down the sand to the water.

Manta Club dive

Under the water the viz looked awesome and as soon as we dropped down a curious port jackson came over to say hello. On the way up the jetty we swam into a few schools of blowies, herring and skippy. About half way we found a big garfish plenty of squids and big blue manner crabs. After 30mins we started to make our way back then we bumped into a massive cuttlefish and at least 10 seahorses hooked onto a rope. 

After spotting another 30 odd seahorses we were back at the entry so got out of the water as it was starting to get a little chilly, then headed back to the cars.

written by Dane Fielder – PADI Instructor

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