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BHP Jetty on Sunday morning

BHP Jetty on Sunday morning club dive

Sunday morning and down at the shop we had 34 keen divers for our morning club dive. With breaky cooking I had the dive masters in training working on the paperwork. Once everyone was sure on the site we made our way to BHP jetty Naval Base.

BHP Jetty club dive

After a photo and my brief we made our way down to the water. At the start the viz was ok and not much current. We spotted lots of boxfish, sea horses, nudibranchs and schools of snapper. At about halfway up the jetty the viz got worse and a side current picked up washing us to one side of the jetty. 

On the way back it wasn’t much better so we used the pillars on the far side as a bit of protection. We spotted some more seahorses and crabs on the way back in but the current was still strong so we surfaced and swam back in.

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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