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Bicton Baths night dive crab catching

Bicton Baths

21 July 2018

Perth Scuba club night dive 21 July 2018

With the weather not so great this Wednesday night we decided to go look for some crabs and prawns down at Bicton Baths. With three keen divers then another two late comers, I gave my brief then made our way out to the middle.

With all the rain the water was nice and clear so we had a look around the shallows the get some pictures. We managed to find a couple of squid and a nice cuttlefish. After getting some snaps we headed out deep to catch some crabs. Once at 12m the crabs were everywhere, it was just a case of grabbing the sized ones. Another buddy team managed to get a few prawns and bumped into a couple of baby eagle rays on the way back.

After filling our bags with crabs we made our way on looking around in the shallows and spotting the odd skeleton shrimp and sea horse. After 50mins we made our way in and checked the crabs on shore. Another nice night dive at Bicton, full of crabs and prawns.

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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