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Bicycles, motorbikes and cars at Blackwall Reach

Wednesday 25/8/16 Perth Scuba club night dive was at Blackwall Reach, Bicton. The river again being the location due to the continued winds and swell in the ocean. We had 12 divers in total with the majority being regulars to the river, however it was great to see a few fresh faces.


Approximately half the group ended up down the river where the wrecks can be found and the rest of us went straight out from the beach, some in search of prawns and crabs, my two buddies and I just went for a look along the slope. We started down at around 13m and headed towards the wrecks but then turned round and came back zig zagging the bank. The majority of the life in this area is found in the 2-8m depth range. This is where most of the junk can be found that provided habitat to the marine life. There are bikes, motorbikes, cars and all sorts of other items.

We found plenty of Seahorses, Leatherjackets and Gobbleguts in huge clouds especially around one of the cars. In the shallows the visibility was slightly limited due to the rain we have had lately stirring up the shallow water.

Overall a good dive with a great bunch of divers. We are really lucky here in Perth to have the river for diving. With all the storms and swell lately it provides an ideal place for us to be able to continue diving.

written by Aaron Goodhew Perth Scuba PADI Instructor

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