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Big moray eel cruises the wall

Everyone arrived at Coogee north wall 7 April 2016, we had 16 people in total. I gave my brief then we got into the water. The viz wasn’t the best at the start but as we swam up the wall it got a lot better. On the way up the wall we
came across a nice sized cray but he wasn’t very interested in our light so he disappeared fast. Then we saw some blue mannas and a baby Port Jackson shark. After checking out the shark for a while we continued our way up the wall to find a 1 meter long moray eel swimming past looking for a new spot to hang out for the next day.
Once we hit the 30min mark we made our way back in. On the way back we spotted a nice sized cuttlefish hiding under the rocks. We also saw plenty of old wives, gobble guts, squid, wrasse, cobbler and flat head.
The water was a bit chilly getting back to 20 degrees and viz was about 5 meters. We still a great night dive with heaps of marine life to see.
written Perth Scuba Instructor Dane Fielder

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