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Perth Scuba | Dive Shop & Training Western Australia

Blackwall Reach night dive

Blackwall Reach Club Dive

Wednesday 17 October 2018

Blackwall Reach Manta Club dive

Blackwell reach is a night dive site full of whatever you want to make it. Buoy 716 offers a barge wreck that kept us occupied for over 30mins at 15m with adult male and female Boxfish (Shaws and Smooth), Seahorse, fornicating crabs, cobbler and a funky nudibranch species to mention just a few. Water temp now up at 18oC, Viz better than recent, around 3-4m which meant that you weren’t hugging your buddy to not loose them…and an amble up the gradient toward the beach again offers a rock wall full of ledges and rocks to hone your buoyancy skills doing head first upside down snooping into the caves for cobbler. It’s weightlessness like an astronaut and the 4thD element that’s kept me coming back for over 30 years.

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