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Blackwall Reach to explore the wrecks

Blackwall Reach to explore the wrecks

Sunday morning the weather gods were against us, nothing but rain and thunder but that wasn’t going to stop us. Our plan was to head to Blackwall Reach to explore the wrecks and make our decision once at the site. After some breakfast we made our way down.

Manta Club dive at Blackwall Reach 
At the site the water looked really good with nice viz, just looking from shore. With a break in the weather we kitted up and got in the water. After a surface swim to the marker buoy we dropped down. With reasonable viz we searched for the pegs that led to the barge but couldn’t find them. After searching for the barge for a bit and having no luck we decided to head out to the deeper water too see what we could find. After spotting a few crabs and the odd left over crab pot we made our way back in.
On the way in we bumped into a couple of pegs, obviously the pegs going out to the cabin cruiser so we followed them back to the barge. After a lap it was time to make our way back so we swam up the hill to the cliffs then followed them back to the entry point and spotted lots of bream on the way. 

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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