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Blackwell Reach dive with Perth Scuba’s Instructors and Divemasters

Sunday 3rd July 2017

Another Sunday morning club dive approached us and with no site decided on yet it was looking like a river dive. With gossip down the shop saying great viz down at Bicton we decided it would be our best chance to check out the Black Walls Reach wrecks. With only five divers keen to battle the winter’s water we had our breakfast then made our way to the site.

Manta Club at Blackwall Reach

At the site conditions looked great, no silt in sight. We took a snap then got geared up. We decided to surface swim to the mooring and then descend onto the barge. Once on the bottom we did a circle of the barge looking for anything new then checked the smaller wrecks either side. After that we split up and two of us followed the pegs out to the deeper wreck while the rest went back to the barge. The deeper cabin cruiser wreck stands upright in around 16m of water and is covered in life.


After exploring the cabin cruiser we followed the pegs back to the barge and then up to the cliff. On our way back up the cliff we spotted a couple of seashores, blue manners, hermit crabs and a large school of bream.


After about 45mins we arrived back at the  entry point and decided to get out of the water as it was starting to get a bit chilly.

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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