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Exploring the deep dives of Blade Coral Bunbury

written by Brett Cook – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

The first light of Sunday morning saw 10 excited divers, strap themselves in for a quick 2hr journey down to Bunbury, in WA’s Southwest.

Conditions were great, clear blue skies and very little wind to whip up the waves. Arrival at the Bunbury Marina ready to board the Cross Country and lots of laughter and discussion around the diving to take place that day. The boats skipper and owner of Octopus’ Garden Marine Charters, Kim Royce greeted us and gave us a quick rundown before setting off. A few dolphins spotted jumping the waves as we motored out of the marina and about 6nm off shore to our location. Beautiful deep blue water with 25m visibility awaited us. Gear on, buddy checks done and we were “feet wet” descending into the blue abyss. Great to get in some nice depth and discovery of the abundance of marine life that Kim organised for us. Joey befriended a small cat shark while Lee had his head in some rocks looking for a couple of the many Rock Lobster that could be found hiding amongst the ledges and rocks. The pristine blade coral was a great sight and loads of Jewfish, Wrasse, Angelfish and many other varieties. A very doable water temp at 22 degrees made for comfortable diving. The two dives and yummy lunch and refreshments came and went too quickly as we were soon back on Terra Firma loading up to travel back to Perth. Great company and awesome diving!

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