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Manta Club at Omeo Wreck

Manta Club dive at Omeo Wreck, Coogee – snapper schools near the artificial reefs 

Sunday 14 April 2019

Manta Club Divers at Omeo Wreck, Coogee

The swell was stronger than predicted near North Coogee Wall today, so we selected Omeo Wreck as the preferred site, after first looking at Sue’s Groyne.  The conditions in the water near the […]

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Kwinana Grain Terminal

Kwinana Grain Terminal Club Dive

Sunday 7 April 2019

This Sunday we took the club dive to Grain Terminal. With 18 keen divers ready to go we made our way down. Down at the site the carpark was full of divers, some just getting in and others on the way out.

Manta Club divers at Kwinana Grain Terminal

After […]

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A dive to remember…

Sunday 31 March 2019

It was a work engagement that brought a whole new meaning to the term and as an Instructor of 21 years it was a unique and absolute privilege to be part of a day that will stay with a couple the rest of their lives.

Starting with a phone conversation the night before […]

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Woodman Point

Manta Club dive at Woodman Pt

Nice visibility, brain corals, schools of Talmas, and some jellies around the corner

Sunday 24 March 2019

This Sunday morning was warm and sunny, and almost perfect weather and water conditions were seen at Woodman Point. The visibility was good, near 5 – 7m in some places. Brain corals sat at […]

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Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving at Omeo Wreck

Saturday 16 March 2019

Ben & StephanieBen, Stephanie & Instructor Martin

Stephanie and Ben were two participants in our Saturday DSD that I think I can safely say were the loudest underwater first time divers I’ve had the privilege to teach.  Their first time ecstatic reactions to turning over and seeing their […]

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Ammunition Jetty

Ammunition Jetty Club Dive

Sunday 17 March 2019

This week we took the club dive to Ammo jetty. With a few new faces around we got everyone briefed on the parking then made our way down.

Manta Club Sunday morning shore dive at Ammunition Jetty

At the site it was covered with scuba divers but luckily we found enough […]

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North Mole Club Night Dive

North Mole night dive

Wednesday 12 March 2019

Globe Fish

I’ve got to admit, it was the lure of possibly seeing another Green Sea Turtle that had me praying for easterlies this Wednesday night, so with a previous calm day, swell under 1.2m and 15seconds i could not possibly let up the chance to get wet at South […]

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Good visibility, huge octopus and large Talmas

Manta Club dive at Ammo Jetty
Good visibility, a huge octopus, and a couple of large Talmas
Sunday 30 September 2018
This Sunday morning was close to perfect for diving, regardless of the recently published 70% chance of rain and 18 knots of wind. It was dry, sunny and calm on the water. At the pre-dive batbeque, […]

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North Coogee wall night dive

North Coogee Wall 
Wednesday 27 September 2018

This Wednesday nights club dive was at North Coogee wall. With the temperature up we had ten keen divers ready to go.
After a brief and a snap we made our way out and made our descent. Following the wall we spotted a few boxfish, rays and bulls eyes. Then towards […]

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WIN a Paralenz Dive Camera+

WIN your own Paralenz Dive Camera. Perth Scuba and our awesome friends at Paralenz are giving you the opportunity to win one of these fantastic Paralenz sports cameras worth $999! 

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Swimming with dolphins and cuttlefish

This Sunday morning was perfect for diving again, the wind was absent and was from the easterly direction; the water surface was free of ripples, and it was quite sunny. After attending the pre-Club-Dive barbecue, fourteen of the divers headed towards Kwinana Grain Terminal. The visibility was 5-6 meters maximum, and slightly better in deeper sections of this spacious dive site.

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Manta Club dive at Point Peron

Plenty of sun, caverns, dolphins, and a large sting ray
The swells and winds slowed down recently, and we had perfect sunny conditions at many dive sites, and also at Point Peron, where it all looked really good today.  After our barbeque, we headed there to see near-flat water surface and the visibility was at least […]

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