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Kwinana Grain Terminal brings out the critters

Kwinana Grain Terminal brings out the critters

Cuttlefish at Kwinana Grain Terminal

It was once again Sunday morning on 4 June 2017, the sun was out and we had made plans to go to Kwinnana Grain Terminal. With a forecast of high swell and no wind we knew that Kwinana Grain Terminal would still be a great option. With a nice turn out of ten divers we had some breakfast then made our way down. 

Once at the site the conditions looked great with awesome viz and not a wave in sight. As soon as we entered the water we spotted a fin… then a few more fins. It was a pod of dolphins, they frolicked on the other side of the jetty for a bit then disappeared.  Once under the water we split up into buddy teams and made our way up the jetty. We managed to spot around 8 different nudibranchs, 4-5 occys, 3 cuttlefish, heaps of box fish, hairy leatherjackets, a school of squid and on the way in a massive blue jellyfish. 

After 50 minutes we made our way in and back to our cars to dry off and get out of our dry suits. After a cup of coffee we made our way back to the shop for fills so we could dive on Monday.

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

Manta Club dive at Kwinana Grain Terminal

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