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Blue Steel at the giant Blue Grain Silos

Blue Steel at the Giant Blue Grain Silos

Perth Scuba Club Dive at Kwinana Grain Terminal

The time is 8:30am Sunday 5 March and Perth Scuba has just opened its doors to our awesome customers. They stream in and head straight to the counter to grab tanks and other goodies. Why are they in a rush? The answer is because our bbq has been fired up and the sound of sausages sizzling can be heard from everywhere. Once everyone had a feed we headed to Kwinana Grain Terminal. It was a fantastic day for diving, blue skies and about 36 degrees. We arrived at the car park and put their kits together. We then had our group photo. After multiple attempts of 24 people trying to recreate Zoolanders blue steel pose we gave up and headed to the water. Sea life was in abundance today. It seemed like every octopus in Perth decided to hang out at KGT (as well as every scuba diver in perth, great to see). With vis at about 5m it was easy to see the macro sea life among the small artificial reefs under the jetty. Step ladders, deck chairs and mooring rope had become home to many creatures. Due to the shallow depth we arrived at our 50 minute time limit well before hitting our 50 bar limit. Once we all surfaced we headed to the beach and back to our lovely air conditioned cars. Great day all round.

PADI Instructor Leighton Baker

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