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Bonk goes the globe fish at the Grain Terminal

written by Ryan Bradley – Perth Scuba PADI Dive MasterPerth Scuba Manta Club Night Dive Kwinana Grain Terminal 28Aug2013

It was mid-way through the dive last night, floating peacefully in the dark, when I thought to myself “It was a pretty average day today… but it’s all OK now.”

Diving has that effect on me – and I suspect, it does on you too. Diving at night not only adds another layer to the experience, but offers the opportunity to dive when you otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to. Sometimes our weekends are so full, we simply don’t have or make the time to don our gear and head below the waves. So, it was with three other Manta Club divers that we welcomed the extra opportunity with open arms, and got our dive on!

18 degrees out, 17 degrees in. Max depth around 5m and 70 minutes to wash the day off.

There was a bit of surface and ground current intent on pushing us out from under CBH (Kwinana) Grain Terminal, successfully at times, but the dive was relaxing nonetheless. The usual suspects were somewhat low on numbers last night, with only the odd nudi being spotted, octopus…es remained elusive and unseen, and seahorses… what seahorses? But there were plenty of crabs and fish amongst the pylons, and I did savour a few key moments from the dive that put a smile on my face.

As we ventured briefly away from the jetty, a spherical, soft sponge sat all by itself in the middle of bare sand. As we got closer to investigate, we noticed it was moving – rather comically. Imagine if you will, a circus act, in which someone is trying to balance a chair on its point, on their head. Scurrying to and fro, this way and that, to keep it balanced on their bonce. That was the scene laid out before us, except, it was a small crab, and sponge. Investigate everything!

Near the end of our dive, we happened across a large globe fish. I love these goofy little things. It was caught rather like a deer in headlights as we approached. It floated, staring at us for a moment, before hurriedly backing up and turning (Google “J turn”), to swim straight into the same sponge. *bonk*. Then it looked back at us with this ‘who put that there?’ look on its face – well it would have if it had more than one expression – but I’m sure it was thinking it. After I recovered my reg which I spat out laughing, we continued on and finished the dive.

It’s not normal to continue the adventures when you get back above the surface, but whilst kitting down and debriefing from the dive, we were approached by a ‘local’ in his camper, who cheerfully exited his vehicle, asked us if we had kids, and then offered us a Harry Potter book which he’d found in the bush. Apparently, the first two pages hadn’t ‘pulled him in’ enough to continue with it. What a sweet ol’ fella.

All in all, another great dive with some great club members.
Thanks to Veronica and Luan for joining us once again – great work getting more dives logged towards the IDC!
And Michael, who kindly brought *ALL* the equipment required to make a club dive happen.

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perthscuba says:

Now Ryan, you really must tell us ALL the equipment that Michael brought….. :)