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Breaking News: The tide has turned..!

In an historic announcement this morning, the tide turned for marine life in Australia. 

This has only been possible because people like you stood up and spoke out to support our unique marine life. You and everyone else in the Big Blue Army should take a bow, because today Environment Minister Tony Burke has announced the world’s largest network of marine sanctuaries.

Today also represents a turning point in the conservation and management of our oceans. You and I have known for a long time, and the science evidence has shown, that over fishing is the key threat to the health of marine life.

What today’s announcement signals is official recognition of this key threat and a clear change in direction toward action to safeguard critical areas for the future. Just like national parks on land, marine sanctuaries are now an accepted and mainstream part of the national agenda to address the unprecedented threats facing our unique marine life.

Check out the map to see which areas around our coast have been protected in this new network of protected areas.

And while the tide has now turned, it’s important to recognise that the Federal Government could and should have gone further. None of us would be under any illusions that the challenge of protecting our oceans would be resolved overnight, and many hotspots that whales, dolphins, sea lions and other magnificent marine life call home remain at risk.

Over-fishing and oil drilling remain real threats that will need to be dealt with. However the momentum of our movement is unstoppable and we will continue to fight to ensure our marine life gets the protection it needs.

But today we need to celebrate our unprecedented community movement that has resulted in the protection of so many special areas. These are places that will forever now provide sanctuary to thousands of species of marine life from bizarre and delicate leafy sea dragons, to magnificent southern right whales, to ancient Loggerhead turtles, and swirling schools of fish.

If you want to find out more about the announcement we’ve put a basic summary of the highlights and lowlights for each marine region on our web site, along withdetailed maps you can download.

We’ll be in contact soon to tell you more about what this decision means, but in the meantime the team at Save Our Marine Life would like to say ‘thank you’ for your support. By sparing your time here and there, by standing up and taking action, you’ve been part of a community campaign that has made a difference we can all be proud of.

Congratulations and thank you,


David Mackenzie
Save Our Marine Life

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