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Bugs on a windshield and a curry buffet

Bugs on a Windshield and a Curry Buffet

Manta Club night dive

It’s Wednesday night at The Coombe and the water is as flat as a pool table. As the sun starts to vanish divers start appearing one by one. After the dive brief and our traditional group photo we head into the water not knowing what to expect. Will the vis be ok or will it be as brown as a curry buffet loo. We swim out to the buoy marking the first wreck, turn on our torches and start to descend as a group. It seem that baby prawns love torch light and swarm towards it in their hundreds. As we go deeper they continually bounce off our masks like bugs on a windshield. The vis really cleared up at between 6 and 9 meters so we spilt off into two groups. One group went to catch crabs and the other group went to take photos of the underwater life that covers the wrecks. Hunting crabs by torchlight is definitely a team effort, you need 3 hands, one for the crab, one for the torch and one for the catch bag.  After about 50 minutes of diving we had a good haul of crabs and a good haul of photos. Overall it was a great night and well worth while.

Blue crab for dinner yum!

by PADI Instructor Leighton Baker


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