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Bumping into the barge at Blackwall Reach

written by Ryan Bradley – Perth Scuba PADI DivemasterPerth Scuba Manta Club Night Dive Blackwall Reach 21Aug2013

What a G-L-O-R-I-OUS gloooooooooo-ri-ous night for a club dive! The absence of heat notwithstanding, the night was still, and perfect, for a bit of a float at Blackwall Reach.

After what seemed like MINUTES of surface finning out to find mooring 716 – and the barge nearby – we gave up and decided to just drop and follow the 10m contour, and see what we might bump into.

Despite the dive leader throwing up lots of ‘intentional’ silt to test the resolve of the group *cough*, we continued on to enjoy the usual offerings of Blackwall Reach.
Spatterings of crabs (one worthy of its own post code that I swear nearly ate Veronica), prawns, starfish, jellies, sea horses, flathead and my personal favourites – bobtail squid. Don’t you just want to grab ’em by their squishy little cheeks and give ‘em a wobble like Nanna used to do?

Buoyancy intact… and with the grace, intuition and finely tuned navigational skills of a homing pigeon, I then literally, bumped into the barge we gave up on finding.
Yeeeup. Nailed it!

We afforded the barge its due attention before the bite of the 16 degree water took hold, and headed back along the wall at 5-7m. The rocky bottom of the wall, offering even more sea life for the return journey.

50 minutes of diving, lots of stuff to see, and the dive leader being a numpty – I declare an utterly successful dive.

Thanks to Luan and Veronica for attending.

And to those that couldn’t make it, be sure to get down to the next one!

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