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Calm and glassy conditions at Blackwall Reach night dive

Manta Club Dive Blackwall Reach Bicton


Wednesday the 26/10/16 saw us night diving at blackwall reach in bicton. We had calm conditions with glassy looking water. There was 13 divers in total. Some regulars, some new faces and a blast from the past in the form of wilson, flav and danny. Great to see you guys back in the water. With the gradually warming weather and water along with the start of lighter evenings the water in definitely becoming more inviting. After the briefing and buddy checks the vast majority of divers swam out towards the wrecks parallel with the cliff face. I had 6 divers in my group and initially the vis got stirred up a little. Once on the wreck of the barge we moved away from the cloud we had created and with everyone focusing on the wreck buoyancy improved and so did the vis. The barge was full of life. We saw seahorses everywhere, scorpion fish, lion fish, alsorts of different crabs, several kinds of Learherjackets and boxfish. It really was brimming with life. From the barge we made our way to the small wreck where we saw loads more seahorses. Then we cruised out alone the river bed for a while at around 14m. Here we found lots of prawns and crabs. Then around 25mins into the dive we made our way up the slope a little to around 10m and almost immediately found a large piece of metal, probably from an old mooring. Next to it there was a coke can with a blue ringed octopus perched perfectly on top. After all having a look it gave us a few flashes of its blue rings and got a bit fed up of our torch beams and moved away out of sight into a hole. All along the bank we found random pieces of metal and junk which provided lots of habitat to a wide range of life. Up in the shallows near the rocks there was a huge cuttlefish and even more seahorses. Overall a fantastic river dive with great conditions, good company and loads of really cool marine life. Love the river!

Aaron Goodhew Perth Scuba Instructor

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