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Calm waters at Jervoise Bay for the Manta Club divers

Manta Club dive at Jervoise Bay

Sunday 27 August morning and we had the BBQ full of sausages for breakfast. With six divers keen and ready I handed out some maps and we made our way to Jervoise Bay Munster. At the site it looked great, dead calm water but the site is known to be a bit unpredictable.

Perth Scuba Manta Club dive at Jervoise Bay

Once in the water we dropped down and it was a little surgy but once we got past the shallow area the surge disappeared. The viz was a bit murky and only cleared up in small patches. While moving up the wall we came across plenty of boxfish, crested morwongs, wrasse and a large school of blowies. Because the site gets to 10m we made our turn around after 25mins.


On the way in we checked the sand for anything interesting and spotted a couple of baby flat head and the odd starfish. With the water warming up we should see a bit more life coming out and hopefully more divers!

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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