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Carpet shark, bullseyes and crays at Point Peron

Point Peron, Rockingham

Manta Club dive at Point Peron

It was Sunday 28 May 2017 morning and the wind was nice and low but the road north was blocked due to a fun run. So the plan was to head to Point Peron in Rockingham. Once at the site the conditions looked great with nice viz. We had a little bit of swell to battle on entry but nothing we couldn’t handle. 

After a short surface swim we decided to descend and navigate the rest of the way to the reef. Once we found the reef we swam around the side then headed out the back to find a bit more depth and to search for the caves. Once around the back the viz was a nice 10m and the surge dropped off a bit.  While searching the overhangs we came across cuttlefish, crays, bulls eye schools, buff bream and even a carpet shark.

After around 30mins we hit our turn around point and navigated around the reef and then back to shore. On the way back in we came across a pair on tiny nudi’s on the sand and plenty of wrasse hiding in the weeds. The exit was a challenge but we managed again and the sun even came to warm everyone up after the dive. 

PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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