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Catching prawns at Bicton Baths

Catching prawns at Bicton Baths

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Manta Club dive at Bicton Baths

With more bad weather conditions on Wednesday the 9th, we took the club dive to Bicton Baths for another prawn night. Four divers and 2 first timers were ready, so we gave them a lesson on how to catch the goods then headed out. 

As we kicked out we only found the odd one or two but when we got to about 15m we started to find some monsters, one after another. After doing a few circles we managed to get a decent feed in the net so we stated to head back to shore.

On the way back we were greeted by heaps of blue manna crabs and blowies. Once out of the water we compared our catch before heading home.

written by PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

prawn caught on night dive
Monster prawn caught by Dane

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