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Change of plan leads us to Ammo Jetty

The original plan for Wednesday 22/4/15 night dive was to the rock wall at Jervoise Bay however on arrival we realised that pretty much every possible entry and exit point had fishermen on it. So we decided to move north slightly and dive the Ammo Jetty instead.


We geared up in the carpark and I did the briefing. There was only five divers including myself and everyone had night dived before so my job was looking easy!

We entered the water on the south side of the jetty and after we had to do a quick search and recovery exercise for David’s dropped mask we then made our descent. The water was really clear and we could easily see all the pylons lined up in front of us.

On the dive we saw everything typical of the Ammo Jetty, there were several kinds of nudibranchs in abundance, Leatherjackets, big schools of bait fish attracted by the fishermen above, Scorpioncod, Octopus, Boxfish, Talma, Gobbleguts and several Eels (one of which came out into the open and was easily as big as my arm)

Sadly as always we saw evidence of the fishermen, including the remains of some kind of stingray. A couple of the other guys also saw a juvenile Port Jackson Shark. Part way through the dive Stephan flashed his torch at me and showed me an awesome, really well camouflaged fish the likes of which I have never seen. I looked it up when I got home and found it to be a Velvetfish, apparently relatively common but very illusive.Perth-Scuba-Manta-Club-Dive-Ammo-Jetty-22Apr2015-2

Towards the end of the dive in only two meters of water we saw some squid one of which had the tail of a toadfish sticking out from his tentacles, it them came that close that it almost hit my mask and then decided to ink me!

We all had another great night dive, next week we will be diving Cottesloe reef. Conditions need to be calm for this dive so if they are not suitable we will head to Glyde Street (river dive) in Mosman Park instead.

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